Dental practice and real estate – how are they related?

Dental practice and real estate – how are they related?

Should you sell your real estate along with your dental practice?


This article was written by Paulo Nogueira of Just Loft Conversions, a loft conversion company based in London servicing clients in London and surrounding areas along with larger projects in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.


Selling your dental practice is one of the biggest decisions of your career. There are many different parameters to consider, One of the biggest being whether or not to sell any properties with your business.

If you wish to relocate after exiting your practice, keeping ownership of any property connected to the business can present some unpredicted issues. In the event that you keep the property, you need to take on the duty of maintaining it, managing leases, paying operating bills, and collecting the monthly rent. In essence, you can be the landlord to the new practice owners.

Carefully consider whether you want to keep being mixed up in your old practice (even if it is just the management of the property) following the deal and transition of your workplace. Unless you want any more involvement, your very best option is to market the property then. That said, locating a buyer that’s financially able to get both your practice and real estate might be difficult which is probably why you want to sell the two separately and you will probably be able to sell out the property for a better price and you could sell the new owner the contents inside such as the fixtures and fittings.

Alternatively, retaining your premises and leasing it back again to the new owners can create a financial upside for you through additional cashflow and increased property value/equity as time passes. Generally, keeping the sales of your practice distinct from the disposition of any real estate holdings maximizes the worthiness and return of every asset as mentioned previously.


Option 1– Hire the property back to the new owners

Hiring or renting your real property to the new owners of your practice is one option. A carefully negotiated lease with the new owner provides you with a reliable cash flow, if you go through all authentic operating bills especially. Furthermore to regular cashflow, holding onto the house could yield increased appreciation and equity as time passes. Depending on the sort of real estate, a genuine triple net lease is an excellent option. This means the tenant is in charge of all operating and maintenance expenses of the property. This option minimises your engagement and management of the house also. Also, you may hire a house management company to oversee all landlord responsibilities. Most property management businesses charge a tiny ratio of the every month rental income.

Option 2–Sell real estate with the practice.

It might seem to be practical and convenient to sell your real estate along with the practice. Selling both could definitely limit the amount of potential buyers who’ve got the financial ability or desire to get both assets. It might also delay the sale of your practice or need a price discount during negotiations. You should be alert to all potential tax consequences and liabilities associated with selling both practice and real estate holdings. One means of avoiding some taxes liabilities is to rent your real estate, with the choice to sell at a later time, to the new owners. Separating your real house from the practice helps them to be able to to fund and transition practice resources and buy the property once they have a sustainable cash flow.

Option 3–Sell the property to a third party.

There’s also the choice of retailing your real estate to a 3rd party investor. This involves developing a long-term triple net web lease with the customer where in fact the future lease cashflow comes as an investment. On this scenario, you’ll want a good practice with a good credit history. Additionally you need to secure a long-term rent arrangement with the customer. If each one of these items are set up, the worthiness of your real estate is maximized because you’re not merely selling the bricks and mortar of the true estate; you’re also selling a guaranteed, secure income stream. Triple online rent ventures are popular by buyers. But remember, this program is contingent of your practice having a higher credit history and the new buyer’s commitment to a long-term lease.

Ultimately your choice to market or keep any real estate associated with your practice will depend on many personal factors, together with your retirement ideas, personal budget and physical ability. Really think about your willingness and capacity to be engaged with the management of the house. Also consider the existing real estate market locally. Last, however, not least, evaluate your individual money and long-term goals for retirement.




Finding an Oral Surgeon in Carlsbad, CA

Finding an Oral Surgeon in Carlsbad, CA

Finding an Oral Surgeon in Carlsbad, CA

Find oral surgeon near me

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a dentistry specialty which is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the functions and aesthetics of the mouth, teeth, the face and the jaw. The people who carry out these activities are known as maxillofacial surgeons or more commonly oral surgeons.

Oral surgeons working

The need for oral surgeons cannot be underestimated. In fact, the need to correct dental issues for more gain than just aesthetic appeal has made oral surgeons an indispensable part of healthcare provision. They take part in controlling serious diseases and correcting congenital issues affecting the maxillofacial area. The activities a maxillofacial surgeon does on a daily basis include:

  • Applying anesthesia and removing damaged teeth.
  • Preparing for and inserting dental implants. This is usually done in association with a cosmetic surgeon.
  • Treating the face after traumatic experiences.
  • Treating pathological diseases affecting the face like cancers.
  • Orthognathic surgery (correcting the jaw).

Now that you know how important you Carlsbad oral surgeon is, you may be wondering how to pick the best from the many there are out there. Here are some tips to help you out.

Qualifications and experience

You do not want to have a quack perform an operation on your face. To avoid this be sure to confirm that the maxillofacial surgeon whose services you seek is qualified. He or she must have had 4-6 years of training. Depending on the country, certification by the governing board may be available. By relying on a qualified maxillofacial expert you can be assured that you are in good hands and safe.

It is said that practice makes perfect and this holds true in the case of oral surgeons. The more a surgeon has been operating the more the cases they are likely to have handled that are similar to yours. One who has lots if experience will therefore be better placed to do the job perfectly and handle any emergencies that may arise. Though not always, it is believed that you are safer in the hands of a more experienced oral surgeon.

Facilities in the clinic

A dental clinic that is equipped with modern equipment is more enabling for the surgeon than one that is not. Visit the clinic before booking an appointment and get a feel of the environment. You will need a place where you can feel comfortable and secure while at. Ensure that the clinic is equipped with all the equipment needed for successful surgical procedures. A certification by ISO or other accreditation bodies is a good sign.

What others have to say?

A good oral surgeon will most probably have a number of clients who are satisfied with the results obtained from previous surgeries and other procedures. Bad ones will have dissatisfied clients as well. Many clients take their sentiments to online platforms like the surgeon’s official website and social media accounts. By looking at these reviews you can get a feel of what the services by the particular surgeon are. It is most probable that the experience of the majority will not be any different from yours so settle for those surgeons with positive reviews.